Monday, August 11, 2008
I had a busy day today helping re-roof my parents' cottage up at the lake, around the corner from where we had the wedding. But it reminded me of something that, while not at all related to Dubai, is related to home.

A few weeks before I left Dubai (which was a month ago!) Liz and I finally saw that Frank Darabont movie "The Mist". It's based on a Stephen King novella, I talked about this a bit before (see The Mist trailer).

See, the funny thing is that the main character in the movie (played by Thomas Jane) lives on Long Lake, which runs between the towns of Bridgton and Naples, Maine. And I grew up in Naples and Liz grew up in Bridgton. The supermarket in which the characters are stuck is in Bridgton, and the pharmacy in the story was owned by Liz's friend's father.

Anyway, the flick wasn't shot in Maine, and other than a fleeting mention of CMP the location is rather unconsequential.

In fact, there's nothing at all like Area 51 in the Oxford Hills north of the lake.

There are, however, lakes ... and mist.

Which brings me back to today. Early this morning I drove up to my parents cottage, which is just north of Naples. To get there, I drive the entire length of Long Lake and then into the hills north of the lake.

Exactly where "The Arrowhead Project" takes place in the movie.

Because we've had some cool weather, but today was sunny, all of the lakes along the route were steaming. Like mist.

It was bizarre and cool and, yes, a little scary. I was waiting for a three foot dragonfly to pop out at me. Maybe a tentacle or two.

And that is part of the fun of living in Stephen King's Maine.
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At August 13, 2008 2:39 AM, Blogger Shep

Didn't it pour that day? All day.