Wednesday, August 20, 2008
I'd read this somewhere before, and now I see it here again. This article on Dubai's dos and don'ts says while in Dubai not to eat food or accept anything with the left hand. It's rude to the local Emiratis.

Now, as a lefty, most everything I do in life is left-centric. And honestly in my two years in the emirate I never changed any of my eating or drinking habits.

Then again, I never was around many locals - they only make up one-fifth of the population. And the ones I know were in school with me, so we didn't do much eating.

Although during the breaks in class I did hold my Diet Pepsi can with my left hand.

Maybe that's why nobody would talk to me and they all threw things at me and called me names.

Oh wait, no, that wasn't me, I'm confusing my MBA classes with a 1980s John Hughes movie again ...
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