Tuesday, April 1, 2008
So I got a comment on yesterday's post from Henrik in Yemen (see Happy Birthday to Us) . Apparently our website comes up when you google Orbit ESPN - which he was googling because his sports channel is not working today.

Now, I feel Henrik in Yemen's pain (even if he is a New York Yankee fan) but I never thought to check my Orbit ESPN.

Until now.

And yeah, it's missing.


I un-say all of the good things I said about you the other day (see Live Red Sox in Dubai!).

Yep, I'm back to my old self again (see I hate Orbit ESPN).

Orbit ESPN, you're evil.

Please come back to me ...
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At April 2, 2008 12:26 PM, Blogger Hamad

Hi there!

I was googling for Orbit ESPN and I just ran into your website. I'm from Bahrain and a big NFL fan and was also shocked to see Orbit ESPN without any introductions off of the air yesterday night without any prior warnings.

I called the Orbit headquarters today and they said that ESPN is no longer part of their network and are looking for a new sports channel to come in its shoes soon, what sports channel I have no idea!

I'll bet they lost the rights to have that channel like they lost the rights of a million things before!

I'll bet we'll see ESPN on air soon on Showtime or ART possibly, this time better and with more live American programming.

But how rude from their part to cut the channel without any prior notice!

Hamad Bahrain


At April 2, 2008 12:55 PM, Blogger Josh


What, are they going to try and get fox sports net west 2?!?

Wow, I think someone's going to need to register the URL www.saveorbitespn.com ...


At April 2, 2008 2:30 PM, Blogger Hamad

Hey Josh, have you tried this site, www.mlb.tv where you can pay to watch the entire season via the internet.

Yahoo has something similar for the NFL and it works 80% well throughout the season if you have high speed internet which I assume you do have.

Now you can watch the games online and the resolution is not so bad to be honest. Give it a shot and let us know!

Also Fox Sports Asia televises via ART and Firstnet live a game or two weekly of baseball. I remember a time when there was a lot of baseball and hockey on TV, each network a few years back telecasted loads of games, Fox Sports Asia, Orbit-ESPN and Showtime Sports...

Any word on when the NFL Network plans to go international?