Monday, September 10, 2007
So football started yesterday. Well, guess I should say "American" football.

New England Patriots helmet illustration

My New England Patriots won yesterday, which is all nice and good, but I just don't have the time for them yet.

I mean, sure I wore my Patriots tee shirt when I went grocery shopping, but nobody stopped me and went, "Whoo-hoo, Patriots!"

(Not that I really want anyone to "whoo-hoo" me when I'm in Carrefour, really, but still, a 'guy nod' to acknowledge the shirt wouldn't be bad.)

Anyway, the reason that I don't have time for the Patriots is simple - there are just too many sports going on right now. Chiefly on my mind, baseball and the Boston Red Sox.

Boston Red Sox logo

They've got what, only seventeen or eighteen games left in the season? And who are they playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday? The dreaded New York Yankees.

Speaking of which, two of those games are on ESPN back in the States, so I'm hoping that our fakey Orbit ESPN finds it in their hearts to show a game, maybe even live?

Lastly, and this one's a little out of left field, is the Rugby World Cup.

2007 Rugby World Cup Logo

Yeah, I'm not really a rugby fan, but I'm trying to get into it. Broaden my horizons. I mean, shoot, these guys don't even wear pads, the least I can do is watch them! And the World Cup is a big deal, their quadrennial championship. It just started on Friday and goes until October 20th.

And, as I talked about earlier, amazingly enough America has a team!

True, they lost to England on Saturday, but hey, they're trying. Their next game is against Tonga on Wednesday.

This wikipedia page explains the Pool stage of the World Cup. Check it out if you're at all interested.

So this is all good and busy, but wait until we get to October. The Red Sox will (hopefully) be in the post-season, which starts Thursday, October 4. But guess what starts their regular season on the first Wednesday in October?

The National Hockey League.

Oh man ... too many sports ...
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