Saturday, September 29, 2007
Boston Red Sox logoThe old saying in New England, well, at least among the Boston Red Sox fans, is "My two favorite teams are the Red Sox and whoever's playing the Yankees."

Last night my second favorite team in baseball was the Baltimore Orioles, and they came through, beating the Evil Empire 10-9 in 10 innings at Baltimore. An hour earlier the Sox beat the Twins, and with that combination of wins and losses, the Red Sox are the American League East champions for the first time since 1995.

Of course, the Yankees aren't out - they're the wild-card team.

The Sox will host the <grumble> Los Angeles </grumble> Angels of Anaheim in the best-of-five ALDS, starting either Wednesday or Thursday at Fenway Park.

And then there's the home field advantage - The magic number to clinch home field throughout the playoffs is two over the Indians, as right now each time has a 95-65 record. The Red Sox hold the tie-breaker, based on a 5-2 head-to-head advantage.

Reminds me a little bit of that movie Baseketball:

          KENNY MAYNE
      So, with last night's victory
      over Boston, next week the Beers
      must beat Indianapolis in order
      to advance to Charlotte. That's
      in an effort to reduce their magic
      number down to three.

          DAN PATRICK
      Right, and then... the Beers can
      advance to the National Eastern
      Division North to play Tampa.

          KENNY MAYNE
      So if the Beers beat Detroit and
      Denver beats Atlanta in the
      American Southwestern Division
      East Northern, then Milwaukee goes
      to the Denslow Cup. Unless
      Baltimore can upset Buffalo and
      Charlotte ties Toronto, then
      Oakland would play L.A. and
      Pittsburgh in a blind choice round
      robin. And if no clear winner
      emerges from all this, a two-man
      sack race will be held on
      consecutive Sundays until a
      champion is crowned.

          DAN PATRICK

But don't get worried, because Jacoby Ellsbury and Coco Crisp would be fantastic in a sack race.
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