Thursday, September 6, 2007
Wow, I'm just a posting-monkey today, aren't I?

This one I had to get out onto the internet tubes before Jay Leno picks it up and makes a joke out of it. I mean, a bad, Jay Lenoesque joke about it.

Apparently the fire department here in Dubai has purchased themselves a Corvette so they can get to fires faster.

Yes, let me repeat that: the fire department in Dubai has a Corvette so they can get to fires faster.

Seriously. You think I could make this stuff up?

Dubai Civil Defence Corvette

Yeah, somehow the car being "small, light and fast" helps it beat traffic. As opposed to all of the Porsches, Audis and other Corvettes that are too large, heavy and slow that get stuck in Dubai traffic?

I really do wonder, though, how much "hydraulic equipment" and "firefighting equipment" they can fit in there.

Oh well, it has to be cheaper than, you know, building more fire stations.

Sexier, too ...

    Gulf News
    Blazing wheels to fight fires on Dubai roads
    By Staff Report
    September 05, 2007

    Dubai: A sports car will now help put out fires - beating traffic with its small size and fast performance, a senior official said.

    Brigadier Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director of Dubai Civil Defence, said the civil defence will soon start using a customised Corvette car to attend to fires quickly, to prevent them spreading.

    He said the car is a small, light and fast car which can beat traffic and contains highly-effective firefighting and prevention systems in addition to rescue equipment in cases where people are trapped in cars.

    Equipment in the car includes a portable fire extinguisher, hydraulic equipment, firefighting equipment and first aid equipment.

    Brigadier Al Matroushi who suggested the idea of developing a sports car and followed up its development daily, said one of the reasons behind a fire getting worse was the distance between civil defence centres and accident locations. The large size of civil defence vehicles makes it difficult to arrive quickly at the scene, therefore the need arose to develop a fast car.

    Captain Sulaiman Abdulkareem, Director of Civil Defence Technical Affairs, said the developing of the car took two months by four members.

    The car is currently being exhibited at an exhibition in Qatar.

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At September 6, 2007 4:44 PM, Blogger Tuan

That's awesome (well thought out use of the 80's terminology) That is a neat idea, but where do the overweight middle-aged guys sit in that tiny little car? And more importantly, can 2 guys fight fires without a firetruck, as those will be about 45 minutes behind the car.