Friday, September 28, 2007
Most of you aren't going to care about this, sorry.

For the last week or so I've been on a family tree kick. My paternal grandmother left a very good family tree, but she passed away in the early 1990s - you know, before the internet - so nowadays building a tree is easier and faster.

I've been putting one together on, but my free trial is almost up, and I really don't want to pay the $150 yearly fee for the site.

So far I've looked at a few family tree-generating programs for the Macintosh, but none have struck my fancy.

    GEDitCOM seems way too clunky and too OS9 - and totally not worth $50.

    Genealogy Pro 2.0 is only $20, but seems like a standard Excel spreadsheet. Plus I think a three-year-old drew it's logo. Not that I'm picking software based on logos, but c'mon, put a little effort into it.

    Family 2.0.2 is too basic - almost for a child. Is this what people think what Mac users want? So not worth $29.

    iFamily for Tiger (with both the stupidest name and icon) seems to be useful, and it's $30.

    MacFamilyTree seems powerful enough, but the interface isn't really pretty, and it's $50.

    TreeTracker, for $22, is a little weak, and doesn't seem to be able to import my files.

    Reunion 9 is supposed to be good, but it's $99 pricetag has be gasping before I even downloaded the demo.

It seems to me that these seven are my choices. Well, eight, if I count

Does anyone use any of these? Any suggestions?

I'm going to go try them out some more, maybe one will catch my fancy on a second look ...
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