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Gosh darn it! Son of a gun! Jeezum crow! Aw heck! Fudge! Dang it! Dagnab it! Sugar! Great scott! Fiddlesticks! Shucks! Frick! Crud! Drats! Jiminy Cricket! Phooey! Horsefeathers! Blast! Blazes! Great Ceasar's ghost! Cheese and crackers!! Dashes! Oh knickers! Sheesh! Jinkies! Good heavens! For crying out loud! Oh my stars and garters! For goodess' sake! Oh Flip! Holy moley! For the love of Pete! Frak! Geez louise! Son of a monkey! Blimey! Crikey!

But seriously, pretend swearing aside, I am quite upset. Really, really upset.

Tomorrow, as I've mentioned many times before, the last movie I ever ever ever worked on at Disney is coming out - Meet the Robinsons.

Well, let me rephrase that. Tomorrow the last movie I ever ever ever worked on at Disney is coming out ... in the United States.

Still image from the Disney computer animated feature film Meet the Robinsons

Why should I be surprised that it's not coming out here in Dubai? Really. Why should I be?

I mean, shoot, most movies come out a whole day early here (the weekend here is Friday & Saturday - so movies open on Thursday).

Spider-Man 3 is coming out on May 3, Pirates 3 on May 24, heck, even Open Season opened on September 27 last year.

Nope. My local movie page tells me I'll be able to see Meet the Robinsons on June 28.

Which is really fantastic because that's the day that we get to leave here to go home for the summer.

So I'm never going to see Meet the Robinsons on the big screen.

posted by Josh @ 12:23 PM  

Josh and Liz are two American kids who got married in August. Liz has lived in Dubai since 2003, Josh since August of 2006.

Follow along in the culture shock of being recently married and (for Josh, at least) recently transplanted to Dubai.

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